Battistella Vaporino Inox Maxi Mod.2016

Battistella Vaporino Inox Maxi Mod.2016

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Battistella Steam generator iron with 2.8 L boiler and iron  is used for Domestic ironing for home and for bussiness use. Being steam generated it can be used as a steamer for refreshing clothes as well as ironing. Also available Vacuum tables and blowing tables for commmercial and home use. We supply Ironing systems- Steam station - Garment steamer- Steam generator ironing units. Made in Italy. 

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Autonomy of operation:  3 h
Net capacity 2.3 L (Inox) - stainless steel
Boiler power 1300 W
Power of iron 2100 W
Total Power 2100 W
Operating steam pressure 2.8 BAR
Overall dimensions 26x36x28 H cm
Weight 8.2 kg
Input 230 V / 50 Hz