Battistella Argo Blowing

Battistella Argo Blowing


Heated table, Comes with heavy duty motor for blowing and vacuum use. The ironing unit is equipped with 2 KW 3 litre Boiler and has a 10 litre Auto refill tank.  Also comes with free arm sleeve .

Overall dimensions: 47x137x93 H cm

Packaging: 0,7 m³

Worktop height: 92 cm

Weight: 42 Kg

Worktop power: 600 W

Vacuum motor power: 0,2 HP

Blowing motor power: 0,2 HP

Useful capacity: 3 L (Inox)

Boiler power: 2 KW

Iron power: 800 W

Steam working pressure: 3,5 BAR

Standard voltage: 230 V – 50 Hz

Voltage on request: 120 V – 60 Hz