Brother RH-9820 Sewing Machine

Electronic Eyelet Button Holer

A super efficient and versatile keyhole / eyelt button hole machine.  A selection of button hole styles are available at your finger tips by the press of a button on the operation panel.  This model is a huge step forward from conventional and common historical keyhole machines. 

Very fast, very quiet and very reliable. 

-   Jeans
-   Jackets
-   Trousers

The maximum sewing speed of 2,500 rpm has been achieved by the adoption of an optimal machine structure for highspeed drive.

By enhancing the rigidity of the needle bar-area parts (patent pending) and having the feed mechanism and needle bar rotating mechanism servo-controlled, the operating time has been reduced, resulting in 13% reduction of the machine time compared with the conventional model,  this improvement will really speed up production of eyelet button holes.

Easy-to-use operation panel. 

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