Hot Knife - KD-8-3

Blade temperature: up to 500C in seconds!


Hand operated tool to cut small quantities, recommended for shot time operation only. Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabric (such as cords, ropes, bands and belting fabric).

Heat up times of blades approx 5-7 seconds. Heat may be controlled by switching tool on and off.

Fitted with cutting foot, the combined tool is especially effective for cutting sythetic fabric (such as sail cloth, awnings and filter cloth).

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 230V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)
Power Input: 60W
Intermittent Operation: 1/4 min
Weight: 1.0Kg
CE Approved

Practical Blade & Accessory:

R blade (1" blade), cutting foot
F blade (2" blade)
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